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Soft Washing – The “NO” Pressure Method

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Low Pressure Sterilization


Berkeley Heights Roof Soft-Wash

Soft-Wash is about the soap, not the pressure.  one could blast pressure all day long but that will not achieve sterilization.  Moss and algae need to be destroyed at the root.  Only the proper ph level detergents will do that.  We really don’t even see this as a cleaning.  We approach this as pest control.  Our goal is to solve an infection.  A clean roof is a by-product of solving the infection.  The pressure that the detergent is applied is usually lower than most garden spigots, roughly 50-60psi.

Soft wash can be used on all types of roofs including slate, cedar, asphalt and tile roofs.  This process can be used to clean any surface such as vinyl, stucco and even painted surfaces.  Our soft-washing method uses a 2-step process where the siding is first treated with a detergent that contains a hint of bleach.  The mold will die off and dissolve before any rinsing happens.  This act of full sterilization will allow the siding to stay clean 4-6 times longer than traditional high pressure washing.  All surfaces can be cleaned using soft-wash such as vinyl siding, stucco, dryvit, aluminum, and even painted surfaces.  Cement and pool decks are cleaned similarly.  Most of what stains siding and cement is organic such as mold or mildew.  By first pretreating the surface with an anti-microbial detergent we can more likely achieve a 100% kill ratio on the mold and mildew.