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Roof Cleaning

What Causes Roof Stains?

Most homes in Berkeley Heights have some form of roofs stains. Black roof streaks, mold, moss, algae and lichen can be easily removed from you roof without the use of a pressure washer. Never let anyone attempt to clean your roof with any type of device that is hooked up to pressure washer. High pressured water can release large amounts of roofing granules and shorten the life of the roof. Most roof shingle manufacturers may void the warranty of your roof if exposed to high pressured water.


Trees do not cause roof stains. Trees provide the shade allowing certain areas of the roof to remain cooler with more moisture. This is why stains may be more obvious on one side and not the other. The spores that create these stains travel by air. They do not choose where to land. They land everywhere but simply spread faster with less sun exposure. The alleged food source is the crushed limestone that is added to the shingle for weight and durability. Areas of heavy black staining may allow the roof to retain more moisture. More moisture promotes the growth of moss and lichen. Lichen is a flat light-green super fungus that can be found on trees or river stones. If you have lichen on your roof it should be easy to find on nearby trees. Challenge yourself to remove the lichen without removing the tree bark. You may find it difficult as it develops a root system becoming one with the tree bark. The same goes for a roofing shingle.

Lichen and moss develop a root system into the shingle. See the photo of the lichen how it ate through the roofing granules. As the roof granules gradually dislodge the shingle will deteriorate causing premature roof replacement.


Our Roof Cleaning Process

Our soft wash roof cleaning process is safe for all roofs including cedar, slate, tile and asphalt shingle. Our exclusive soft-wash roof cleaning system is approved by major roof manufacturers such as GAF, the maker of the popular Timberline shingle.


There is not aggressive scrubbing or pressure washing involved in the roof cleaning process. We are simply applying a disinfecting detergent which will dissolve any black staining and kill any moss or lichen at the root. Moss can take a few weeks to dry out, decompose and wash away with a few rains. Forcibly removing moss or lichen can cause more granule loss. It’s best to allow the root system to dry out and detach on its own. The process is similar to spraying a weed killer on a weed in the sidewalk.


Our detergents are safe when used properly. We use a chlorinated product similar to what is used to treat swimming pools and gym saunas. It is widely used at your local water treatment to keep our drinking water sterile. All surrounding areas and landscape are protected and gutter leaders are bagged to collect any run off.


5 Year Spot-Free Warranty – In Writing!


Feel free to give us a call to find out more about our no-gimmicks 5 Year Spot-Free Warranty. If any organic staining appears within a 5 year period we will retreat the area for free.


Our staff is friendly and fully trained by OSHA certified soft wash technicians. Protect your investment and verify that your roof cleaning contractor is insured for both workers compensation and general liability insurance. General liability insurance does not cover you if a contractor gets injured on your property.